The multi award-winning Medi-Shower team provide anti-microbial and water-saving showering solutions. Their cutting-edge product design team have developed and patented a healthcare product that enables institutions to reduce the risk of water-born infection, meet budgets and offer a standard showering option for all healthcare organisations.

Sample NI Companies with Capability

Featured Companies

Randox Labratories

Established in 1982, the principal activity of Randox is the design, manufacture and marketing of a vast range of high quality products for laboratory medicine.  Randox ranks in 20th position within the global clinical diagnostics market.


Exploristics provides world-class analytics and specialised software for life sciences and healthcare, with specific expertise in the design and analysis of clinical trials, pharmacogenomics, observational studies, electronic health records, medical devices, diagnostics, real-world data analytics and risk stratification.

Commercial Partners

The following Northern Ireland based companies have expressed an early interest in the NI Antimicrobial Resistance network. They currently provide products and services which can address the challenges presented. Additional companies interest is welcome as we build the network.

NI AMR Network